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The Egyptian UFO hunter has details about a new UFO was shot by an Egyptian amateur, inside this website you will see more details about this UFO and all brand-new photos and films are real facts. All details here are number one in Egypt and number 2 for none in the world.

Dr.Ibrahim the UFO Hunter
The Big Hunt
Location: Over the Mediterranean Sea.
Shooting Position:
Shooting/ Recording tool: Panasonic movie camera
First Shot: At 04.40 am 14 Oct 1999 till around 06:30 same morning.
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Shaking UFO
Location: Larnaca International
Airport, Cyprus.
Shooting Position:
Parking area
Shooting/ Recording tool:
same as mentioned before
Shooting Time: Date 26.6.2002 - at 21.00 pm  total recorded five minutes
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1- Accomplish best price/ offer
2- On sale all original tapes as one lot.
3- Open for sale to any one exclusively. Individual/ Association/ Company/ Establishment/ TV station/ Producer/ Publisher/ News Agency/ Journal/ Magazine/ Research Institute/ CD producer/ UFO investigative organization and publications, etc.
Email: dr.ibrahim@ufo-egyptian-hunter.org
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UFO was seen in Egypt


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